Fleet of cars / agricultural wage enterprises

Huning-always and everywhere on duty for the environment

Huning has a modern and large fleet of cars with an own service workshop. Vehicles for transport of sewage sludge, low-loaders and also tank lorries are included. We are always on the move for you-fast, secure and reliable.

  • Transport vehicles with sludge locks
  • Special transporter
  • Low-loader
  • Wheel loader
  • Dredger and floating dredger
  • Super swamp caterpillar
  • Special spreading vehicles
  • Mobile high-performance centrifuges and generators (up to 400 kVA)

Some vehicles of our large car pool

Low-loader with chain dredger


Tank truck for wet/liquid sewage sludge transport 27 m³

Transport of centrifuges

Contracting company

Grünroggen 12