Sludge utilization

Utilization/Recycling of secondary raw materials fertilizers

Municipal sewage sludge contains important plant nutrients and organic substances with high value of fertilizing. Since sewage sludge incurrs continuously, operators need sewage treatment plants and legalized and socially accepted disposal methods at any time. The basis for the
utilization of sewage sludge is the sewage sludge regulation. For reasons of water- and soil protection a regular sludge analysis is requested. This determines the further utilization of sludge.

For several years the sewage sludge regulation of 1992 has been discussed and is expected to come into effect within the next two years.

Huning Umwelttechnik GmbH + Co KG provides all possible utilization and recycling way. A suitable utilization can be offered at your site and for thermal recycling we
have already existing cooperations.

Methods of sewage sludge utilization

Back to nature with the advanced technology

  • Recycling
  • Thermal recycling
  • Agricultural utilization of sewage sludge

Recycling for recultivation


Thermal recycling

Thermal recycling