Sieving / mixing

Special methods of stabilisation ofslurry

Because of the fact that since 2005 organic waste has not been allowed to be deposited anymore, Huning Umwelttechnik developed a special technology to prepare slurry from basin sludge clearance and landfill cleaning up for thermal recycling.

In other words to prepare for combustion. Slurry with low dry substance content is prepared by a special mixing method so that a transportable and landfillable material mix is generated. Patented mixing and sieving combinations make it possible to produce optimal calorific value.

Moreover Huning performs difficult loading works with dried sewage slurry or carbon dust. The machines used for this are equipped with extra equipment for operation in explosive areas.

Examples for sludge treatment

Stabilisat. of basin sludge by means of fly ashes

Lime conditioning of sewage slurry

Lime conditioning of sewage slurry

Creation of recultivation soils